Facade cladding


The linings, that we manufacture and offer are two main types. One is a full copy (color and relief) of natural stone finishes: hewn stone blocks, stone pieces or facial structure of an old ceramic brick. Others represent different sized plates with dimensions 40 sm x 12 sm, that look like fine stonework or 9 sm x 15 sm. like mica chapped rocky crag.

All models are available in the production of atmospheric resistant cement and appropriate excipient plus chemical additives for further strengthening of the material and its resistance to weather conditions. Lining tint the surface by special technology in which a surface layer of paint is left, which excludes the risk of falling or cracking color effect.

Through this type of cladding: wall, facade plinth, fireplace, fence or any other part of your home or workplace completely mimic old stone, wall or a wall of an old crumbling brick ceramic.

In this version making by gypsum, this products are offered without further staining, but only in the color of natural gypsum. Suitable only for indoor dry areas.

The models are available in several colors or color by customer.


Completed projects